Keto Diet Before And After: Low Carb Diet Weight Loss Stories, Nov. 2017

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Our cells are over 70% fat and about 20% protein by volume broken down by calories. A ketogeneic low carb/high fat diet causes our health and mood to improve. First of all, limit the amount of inflammatory sugar, starch, complex carbohydrates and protein you eat. Secondly, increase the fat in your diet to improve your health. Third, lower your intake of carbohydrates, gluten and dairy then increase your dietary fat. This is an excellent solution to reduce bodily inflammation such as back pain and control Diabetes. For your guidance, 5 Instagram influencers demonstrate their success in a series of keto diet before and after pictures.

keto diet before and after

Keto Diet Before And After Weight Loss Achievements: The Best Of Instagram

Some people suffer because they eat meals which are low in carbohydrates but too high in protein. Such a balance of nutrients can make health improvement and weight loss difficult. Unfortunately our body cannot store protein, and anything in excess post-digestion turns into sugar. Hence a very high protein diet is not healthy and will cause sugar to accumulate in our body. When we decrease our dietary carbs and protein, the remaining macronutrient is fat. Despite the myth that fat is bad for you, an increase of fat will give you numerous health benefits. Improved blood sugar, better mood, weight loss, loss of migraines and other health improvements all result from a high fat, low carb diet. Follow these 5 Instagram influencers for inspiration to live a low carb, high fat keto lifestyle.

#MotivationMonday ?? Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable ♥️

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Believe In Yourself And You Will Be Unstoppable: The Keto Motivation Of Ashley

Fall in love with the bright personality, beauty and keto diet before and after images of this Army veteran. Since starting therapeutic ketones, Ashley achieved a 33 pound loss of weight. Her “6 days in the gym” goal helps to keep Ashley fit, trim and with a bright smile. As a result her day begins with a refreshing feeling and more energy which lasts throughout the day. In addition, Ashley uses ketones to boost her self-confidence and make her feel sexy.

“I am more focused ? and I am definitely seeing more muscle pop through”, says Ashley. This is just some of the success which Ash enjoys on her keto journey. Daily affirmation cards and consistent push toward your goals are some tips which she recommends to stay motivated. One of her most powerful quotes is “If you are searching for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror”. ♥️#SelfLove

Wake And Bacon: The Keto Transformation Of Lindsey

Lindsey’s blue eyes are equally as beautiful as her sense of humor and motivation for life. “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect” is the optimistic view which she exudes. Enjoy her love of life, and adventurous personality for a down-to-earth look at living life low-carb. Over 5 years, this Floridian used her #KetoTransformation to accomplish physical weight loss, body change and a new-found comfort of herself.

Formerly, Lindsey used a “Face slimming“ filter on her social media. Lately she employs a new level of self esteem and self-love in her keto diet before and after posts. Take a look at yourself in the mirror with more honesty after viewing her keto diet before and after pictures. Lindsey vows to never go back and never feel as insecure once she once did. Because of keto, her progress remains consistent without a stumble. Get many ideas for delicious meals to eat from her stream. Butcher Box, Spicy Thai Peanut Butter, Pork Loin End Roast, Chocolate Cake are some of the meals she enjoys.

Sweat More And Stress Less: Keto Dieting With Curly Curvy & Fit

More exercise and less stress and you are bound to win like this curly, curvy and fit achiever. As a dark-skinned beauty who captivates with her bright smile, Stevie-Mari is dedicated to live life to the fullest. After years of weight loss and gain, Stevie-Mari took a strong stand on her health. Then her keto journey began after a slow decrease of dietary carbs and months of research. Today, consistent activity from an exercise regiment produces her desired results. A combination of hard work, happiness and love of self is evident throughout Stevie’s remarkable journey. In addition, she fosters community with group keto challenges on Facebook. Inspirational keto diet before and after selfies, meal planing and motivational quotes drive the day-to-day of this superwoman. Change for the better, self-worth and self-honesty are a few beliefs which fuel her success.

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Keto Is The Catalyst: The Total Life Transformation Of Jess

Since December of 2016, Philadelphia native Jess excels in life with keto. She exemplifies how dreams come true with belief and dedication. A total life makeover is one of the beautiful things to blossom from the weight loss journey of Jess. As a result she is no longer stuck in a miserable job position. Now Jess enjoys her freedom, a happy relationship and her new body. As one life achievement birthed others, her improved mindset and hard work paid off.

More in tune with her body, Jess looks great and feels much better as a result of keto. Delicious plates on her stream combine carefully-planned meals and occasional snacks. From Red Curry Coconut Soup, Chicken Wings and dipped chocolate to Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Jess successfully moderates her carbs and fat intake. Also, her golden words are “you don’t need to punish yourself for eating or enjoying food. Ever”.

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Body Building Motivation: Change Your Life With Logan Delgado

Married bodybuilder and YouTuber Logan Delgado loves working out, editing, content creation and photography. “You are 100% capable of changing your entire life” is the motivational drive of this gym rat. Logan’s dedicated drive to pump iron will inspire anyone who is interested to build more muscle and tone. His flicks demonstrate a powerful individual inside-out and that “your energy introduces you before you even speak”. Whether Keto, IIFYM, low Fat or vegan diet, give it your all according to Logan. In addition, consistency is the number one factor to Logan’s amazing transformation of mind and body. Furthermore, his motivational quotes inspire you to see the good in every situation. Finally, get amped and hit the gym with the inspiration of Logan’s #bodybuildingmotivation and #ketogains.







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