Diabetes Breakfast: 10 Recipes and Tips to Eat Smart By Experts

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Diabetes Breakfast: 10 Recipes and Tips to Eat Smart By Experts

Are you searching for the best diabetes breakfast? Then try these ten delicious breakfast recipes. Use the recipes here and the mentioned components of a good diabetes diet plan as your framework. By doing that, you can easily make a diabetes breakfast that will stabilize your sugar. 


Southwest Breakfast Burrito

According to Charbel of My Latina Table, many “recipes are delicious and diabetes-friendly”. This specific burrito is one of them. It contains avocado, which supports weight loss. Avocado also lowers your cholesterol and increases your insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, this burrito from Charbel is energizing and an excellent source of protein. 


Sugar-Free Zucchini Bread

Stacey Harris believes that even diabetics can “indulge their sweet tooth”. You can do so with her simple yet delicious and nutritious sugar-free zucchini bread. It is enjoyable without loading up on sugar since it requires the use of a dry sugar substitute. 

Advantages of Stacey’s Zucchini Bread

The use of zucchini in this recipe is a big advantage, too. It is rich in zinc and magnesium. Both work in breaking down your body’s sugar. Moreover, it can supply your body with fiber, which aids in stabilizing blood sugar. 

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Julie Cunningham believes that diabetes should not prevent you from enjoying good food. According to her, this delicious breakfast is enjoyable “without feeling ashamed of your body”. This specific diabetes breakfast mainly uses oatmeal. As an excellent source of soluble fiber, oatmeal will slow down your digestion. 

Oatmeal & How It Helps Diabetics

Oatmeal also contributes to lowering your cholesterol level. Furthermore, the dietary fiber in strawberry helps control blood sugar. It can promote satiety and fullness and maintain a healthy gut. 

Grain-free Granola

This grain-free granola by Kristin of Iowa Girl Eats is an excellent source of energy for your morning. Eating it for breakfast will supply your body with healthy nutrients. In fact, granola provides powerful vitamins, minerals, and protein. Also, it contains nuts that can improve the health of your heart. Iowa Girl says this granola will “help reduce inflammation in the body” In addition, it will “aid in weight loss, and can help lower and/or stabilize blood sugar levels.”

Benefits Of Grain-Free Granola For Diabetics

The almonds and pecans used in this recipe can also lessen body inflammation. Both can support weight loss while stabilizing and lowering your blood sugar. The author, Kirstin, is aware of how difficult it is to “transition to gluten-free living”. Still, this recipe somehow makes the process easier. 

Spinach and Mushroom Egg Bake

You can surely start your mornings right with this easy-to-prepare breakfast casserole. It is rich in protein and essential vitamins, thanks to the eggs and spinach. It is tasty and healthy, too. This recipe was made available by Art Ginsburg. With his easy and quick cooking philosophy, controlling your blood sugar will be easy. 

Kale and Ginger Smoothie

Do you want to take in some greens while keeping your blood sugar under control? Then try this kale and ginger smoothie created by Hailey Crean. According to Hailey, “foods are powerful enough that they can prevent, regulate, and treat diseases”. 

What’s In This Recipe?

The main ingredient for this smoothie is kale. It is good as it has alpha-lipoic acid. This is an antioxidant that helps diabetics raise their insulin sensitivity. It also lowers glucose levels. The combination of ingredients is also spicy and sweet. Pineapple and ginger provide a nice flavor to this recipe. 

Diabetes Biscuits

Traci, the author of this diabetic biscuit recipe, says that it is “free of sugar, grain, and gluten”. In other words, it is truly diabetes-friendly. It uses almond flour, which has lower carb content than others. This flour is gluten-free, too. 

Moreover, the full-fat cream cheese in this recipe works in lowering the biscuits’ glycemic index. You can also get sufficient protein from this recipe. 

Bacon Sandwich

If sandwiches are among your go-to breakfast, then this bacon sandwich from Jessica Gavin is right for you. According to her, “breakfast is a small meal you have to eat within an hour of waking up. You can easily whip up this bacon sandwich to meet that requirement.”

Whole Wheat Helps To Control Your Blood Sugar Naturally

This recipe mainly uses whole-wheat English muffins, a great source of dietary fiber. With its fiber content, expect a more stable blood sugar level. It can also supply your body with enough protein, thanks to the eggs.

Frozen Peaches and Cream Bites

This amazing breakfast from Crystal of Happy Homemaker is easy to make with only three ingredients. According to her, even if you’re not monitoring your sugar or dairy intake, you will love its flavors. It’s healthy for diabetics with only around 28 to 56 glycemic index. 

Nutritional Value For The Control Of Your Blood Sugar

It also contains Vitamins A, B, and C, as well as potassium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Moreover, it uses coconut oil, which contains dietary fiber. It can slow down sugar absorption, thereby controlling your blood sugar. Just make sure to choose the unsweetened one. 

Flax Pancake

Made by Amanda of Crafty Cooking Mama, this flax pancake will surely brighten your mornings. According to her, whether you have no dietary restrictions or have to count carbs, you’ll appreciate this recipe. 

Flaxseed Health Benefits

The flaxseed in this pancake can supply your body with the antioxidant lignan. It can lessen insulin resistance and inflammation. It can also impede diabetes progression. Moreover, it uses Stevia for sweetener, making it even better for diabetics. 


Overall, you can eat smart and fight diabetes by filling your diet with the following:

  • Fiber from oatmeal, whole-wheat muffins, and whole-grain breads
  • Healthy fats from avocado, nuts, olive oil, and coconut
  • Lean protein from eggs, nuts, beans, and fish
  • Non-starchy veggies, including dark leafy greens, onions, peppers, and tomatoes

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