Enjoy Decadence Without Consequence In “You Can Have It!” Cookbook by Devin Alexander

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Enjoy Decadence Without Consequence In “You Can Have It!” Cookbook by Devin Alexander

Enjoy Decadence Without Consequence In “You Can Have It!” by Devin Alexander

At this moment, you probably seek ways to enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle without the unbearable amount of sacrifice. Many struggle to find a fine balance between diet, health and love of food, often giving up on their goals. However, a bright and inspiring hero is here to show people from all walks of life that you can have it. Her name is Devin Alexander, a celebrity chef, restaurateur and the author of “You Can Have It!”. This excellent cookbook contains numerous recipes to keep diabetics healthy and fulfilled.

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An Inspiring Journey From Struggle To Personal Triumph

Devin has weathered the storm to come out on top happy in her personal life and career. Once bullied for her weight and discouraged by previous diets, this beautiful spokesperson of health eventually discovered weight loss. According to Dev, love of food and and a healthy life is all about finding balance. Nowadays, Mrs. Alexander is more conscious about her nutrients and it shows in the health-conscious recipes of “You Can Have It!”.

More than 125 ADA-approved culinary delights in this book will make your mouth water, whether or not you have diabetes. Furthermore, her healthy ingredients and personal philosophy of decadence without consequence equal wonderful dishes. Healthier living is both enjoyable and attainable as Devin shows great ways to enjoy meals you’ll love, without the guilt.

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125+ Mouth-Watering, Diabetes-Friendly Recipes

“These Parmesan Garlic Squash Fries are so jam-packed with flavor it’s hard to believe they’re only 110 calories per serving!” says Devin. Behold one of many healthy alternatives to a common dish that you’ll discover in her cookbook. “Who says you can’t let loose with a cocktail without breaking your diet? My Sexy Trainer’s Strawberry Caipirinha begs to differ! At only 110 calories, it’s scandalously sweet without the actual scandal!” she says. Once again, Dev demonstrates how to achieve a balance of food love and healthy diet with this delicious drink recipe. You can count on a helping hand in life by reading “You Can Have It!”. It is more than a cookbook, but a look into personal triumph as one woman uses her experience to discover a new life.

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Healthy Alternatives To Familiar Meals

Typically, a person who is dieting might look at the following titles and be skeptical because they don’t “sound” like the average health dish. However, Devin ensures that each dish is very healthy and nutritious. In addition, they are designed to help diabetics maintain optimal insulin levels while offering delicious taste and variety. Some of the great recipes featured in Devin’s “You Can Have It” are:

Dark Chocolate “Pudding”
Drippy Taco Burgers
Bacon Ranch Flatbread Pizza
Cheesy Lasagna Rollups
Waffle Fry BBQ Bites
And many more!

In conclusion, the book “You Can Have It” is sure to brighten your life whether you are a diabetic, trying to lose weight or just eat healthy. From the bright personality, generosity and heartfelt experience of it’s author to the beautiful layout of the book, this is an enjoyable read. Caring for the well-being of others, balancing personal goals with personal desires to overcome the odds and discover happiness is Devin’s pleasure. Take her helping hand to guide you toward the happiness in food and life that you can have.


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