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Calorie Calculator For Weight Loss: Calculate Your Caloric Intake

Calorie Calculator For Weight Loss and Nutrition Calorie by definition is a measure of the energy within food. The required amount of daily calories depends on our age, gender, size and activity level. In addition, calorie requirements vary between individuals and are dependent upon our lifestyle. A calorie calculator for weight loss measures dietary caloric […]

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Foods High In Good Fat: Learn The How & Why Of Choosing Fats

Foods High In Good Fat For Optimal Nutrition Mal-nourishment is the result of a deficiency of animal fats in your diet. However choose your meats wisely because not all animal fats are equal. Foods high in good fat are key for your┬ánutrition. Avoid deli meats because they are often loaded with a lot of additives […]

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Nutrition Definition: Learn How To Eat For Your Health

The Nutrition Definition For Our Better Health Those who define nutrition and apply it to their life consistently ultimately reap the benefits of optimal health. The nutrition definition we offer comes from scientific study, real world examples and recommendations on eating and lifestyle from health professionals. Good nutrition is the result of the proper dietary […]

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