Energy Drink vs Coffee: Learn The Pros, Cons + A Great Alternative

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Energy Drink vs Coffee: Learn The Pros, Cons + A Great Alternative

Energy Drink vs Coffee: Why Coffee Wins

In the battle of an energy drink vs coffee, java always comes out on top. There’s a reason why coffee has been one of the biggest exports in the world for centuries. But don’t just take my word at face value. Here are a couple of reasons why coffee wins out over energy drinks. 


#1: Coffee is More Sustainable

Energy drinks are loaded with sugars and other artificial ingredients, which provide a boost to short-term energy levels. But that boost comes at a huge cost later. Think of an energy drink like a loan. You get a lot of energy up-front but you’ll have to pay it back with interest later. Whereas coffee provides sustained energy and if you drink it black, it will also not add to your daily calorie intake

#2: Same Caffeine for Less Cost

The reason that energy drinks are perceived to provide a larger boost of energy is that they are loaded with sugar. That sugar rush is what leads to the short-term gain in energy. The caffeine content in both coffee and energy drinks is roughly the same. So in the case of an energy drink vs coffee, energy drinks are significantly more expensive. Furthermore, they come equipped with the same amount of caffeine. 

The Best of Both Worlds!

One of the biggest perks of leading a healthy lifestyle is that you’re able to control what you put into your body. So what if I told you that you could have the best of both worlds without having to make a sacrifice? With this product, no need to contemplate the difference between an energy drink vs. coffee.


Breinfuel is a revolutionary drink that mixes ingredients in a way that provides a prolonged benefit from caffeine. So it will give that large boost of energy without the costly afternoon fatigue that comes with sugar-loaded energy drinks. 

It works using a combination of hydrolyzed protein and peptides that are designed to make it easier for the body to absorb. In short, this means that in addition to caffeine, Breinfuel provides brain-empowering nutrients that boost overall metabolism. 

Get more energy throughout the day without sacrificing your health. 

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