Best At Home Ab Workout, Simple Ways To Tone Your Belly

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Best At Home Ab Workout, Simple Ways To Tone Your Belly

Best At Home Ab Workout, An Introduction

For the best at-home ab workout, it is important to choose a workout that is not too difficult for you. In addition, set a schedule for yourself. Finally, realize that everyone has different needs in terms of exercise and diet. Discover your personal attributes and gear your approach to health improvement with the assistance of your care physician and trainer.

How To Gain Motivation To Exercise

Based on our belly shape, some of us may be hesitant to visit the beach, take off our shirt and do other social activities. First of all, you must motivate yourself because change begins within! Push yourself, get off of the couch, hit the floor and get physical. Then, take notes of your progress and strive to outdo each milestone. As a result, you achieve a better perspective to support your weight loss journey. For additional motivation, listen to one of the many podcasts and YouTube channels on home exercise. The truth is, our motivation is 80% based on mental and 20% based on physical. 

Whenever anxiety about your appearance is an issue, focus, gather your positive thoughts and actions. Then, reset your body with a good workout and you will feel the benefits of your labor. Not only does your mood improve, your energy level increases. For instance, endorphins are a chemical in our body that release upon exercise.

The Real Scoop On Sit-Ups

Many people assume that sit-ups and a diet of next-to-nothing will give them a smaller waistline. Realistically, this approach to activity and diet is likely to make you quit before you see any results. Don’t start this lifestyle because the truth is, it’s unnecessarily difficult and unpleasant. Instead, adopt a realistic way to eat normally and choose the best at home ab workout. Unfortunately, ab workouts promoted in bodybuilding magazines aren’t realistic for normal people. In actuality, the lifestyle shown in those publications focuses on how to get 1% body fat for one single day. That exercise regimen is too severe for the beginner! Instead, maintain a healthy lifestyle all year-long as you eat and exercise normally. 

best at home ab workout planks

Best At Home Ab Workout: The Plank Exercise

Here is a simple way to get toned up with what in my opinion is the best at home ab workout. One rule of thumb: ease into your workout and don’t escalate from slow to fast movement suddenly. As a beginner, allow your body to support a gradual increase in its activity. This workout will strengthen and tighten your core, also known as your abdomen or abs. Now, let’s get to the steps of this great ab workout!

  • Get into a plank position. In other words, get into a push-up position but with your forearms supporting you horizontally along the floor. 
  • Keep your legs straight, next to each other and elevated by your feet touching the floor. To help maintain this position, it’s ok to widen your feet so that you have a better base. 
  • Keep your back in a horizontal position, but with a slight upper angle from the floor. Your forearms will support your upper section as you plank. Your feet will support your lower body section. 
  • Maintain this horizontal position for 10 to 20 seconds, or until you are no longer able to support yourself.
best at home ab workout side planks
The Side Plank Exercise

Unlike a standard plank, this plank will support only one side of your body. Here is how to position your body for this type of plank. Let your body lean at an angle, face horizontally as you hold yourself up by your forearm. Your upper body should point at an angle similar to a ramp. Allow your feet to rest on the floor at a side angle, toes facing horizontally. Then perform the following steps:

  • Take a bottle of juice, a dumbbell or any light handheld weight around your house. Hold it straight above you with your arm in a vertical angle while in a side-plank position. 
  • While in position, pivot your hips upward, then down, up and down again.
  • Do a total of 10 repetitions of these hip pivots on each side of your body. If you feel able, challenge yourself and perform additional reps. 
The Side Plank Exercise With Handheld Weight

Another variation to this plank exercise is to hold in side-plank position and lift a handheld weight up and down. To perform this workout, elevate the weight above you as described in step 1 of the side plank. Next, slowly bring the weight down underneath your rib cage. Repeat for 9 more times and enjoy this wonderful and simple fat-blasting ab workout.

Recover From Your Workout With The PowerDot

We can all use a tool to aid in our fitness goals, and conditioning of our body is important. Furthermore, we need help in order for muscle recovery after workouts. Enter the PowerDot smart muscle stimulation device you can wear in your home . This innovative technology will help your muscle recovery, relief from pain and prevention of injury. Muscle recovery is possible through stretching and nutrition, but the PowerDot will provide an extra hand. If you’re ready to experience the future of muscle stimulation, head over to Amazon and get yourself one today!

Focus On Your Goal And Attack

In conclusion, focus, plan and act upon your weight loss goal with determination. How much time in your schedule can you realistically commit to a workout routine? First, map out your schedule and determine how much time you can give to physical activity. Secondly, take consideration of your lifestyle and what your time allows. Ideally, you should receive at least 3 days a week of workouts at home. To lose body fat and tone your waistline, commit about an hour and a half to planks or joint cardio workouts.

Best At Home Ab Workout, Simple Ways To Tone Your Belly
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