Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat: Celebrity Trainer Offers Holistic Approach

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Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat: Celebrity Trainer Offers Holistic Approach

Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat: A Celebrity Trainer Offers Holistic Approach to a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

After Halloween, let’s face it, the holiday season passes by like a bullet train. This year more than ever we need to start preparing for it and take a holistic approach.  Kit Rich, celebrity trainer and founder of KICHGO gives tips on how to approach the season regarding workouts, meals, and meditation.  She also offers a complimentary workout and one of her go-to holiday pies which she alters slightly for a healthier option. Kit’s philosophy is the best time to plan for the holiday season is now because you’re going to be so busy. Most importantly, she believes it’s important to stay consistent and of course, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! We believe this is also a great way to not just eat healthier but learn new exercises to lose stomach fat.

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Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat #1

Tip: Plan weekly 

  1. At the beginning of each week line up which workouts you’ll be doing so you don’t waste time. Do your research beforehand.
  2. Add those times to your calendar. Once they are entered, think of them as important as a doctor’s appointment or business meeting.
  3. Goal is to work out for 30 minutes to 1 hour – 3 days per week
  4. Find 3 routines for 3 days per week. You will repeat these routines for two weeks. You are in essence doing each routine twice. The goal is to see if you improve in the second week. Do you have better strength? See an increase in speed? Have more range of motion?
  5. Full body workout–because you are only working out three days, make it fun, exciting, and easy on yourself—lower body, upper body, full body.  
  6. If you have time on your off days, try to go for a 30-minute walk or 3-mile run/jog.


Tip: Indulge don’t overindulge

  1. Enjoy the holiday food, but try not to go into the meal starving because you’ll more than likely eat more than you should.
  2. Drink a few glasses of water before you eat. You will feel fuller so you are less likely to overindulge.
  3. Flavored water is a great option—mint, cucumber, lemon, lime—adding any of these will help satisfy a lot of cravings.
  4. Always remember, your eyes are often bigger than your stomach.
  5. If you plan on drinking alcohol, drink a glass of water in between each cocktail.
  6. Chew an extra 10 times for every bite. You’ll find that you appreciate your food more and will feel satiated. 


Tip: Be self-aware

  1. Holidays are always stressful—people often feel like they haven’t accomplished what they wanted, being around so much family often makes them anxious, and external stressors are impacting everyday life such as Covid-19.  It’s important to watch out for triggers.
  2. Every morning practice 5-10 minutes of deep breathing.
  3. Make a conscious decision to implement that same method of breathing when you feel triggered. It will help calm you.
  4. It’s important to look at health holistically. The thoughts going through your head and your reactions to them and your perspective as well.

Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat #2

Grab a pie tin (after you’ve made and devoured the pie recipe below) or KICHGO sliders. If you are going to do this exercise on carpet use the pie tin and if on hardwood floors wear socks or use a dishtowel.  KICHGO sliders work on both surfaces. Count to 20 for each move.

  • Start off in a slider lunge
  • Hold lunge
  • Bring your hands to the floor
  • Step back to plank position – hold for 20 seconds                                      
  • Single leg mountain climbers for 20 seconds
  • Step back to plank position – hold for 20 seconds
  • Do slider push-ups for 20 seconds
  • Repeat exercise with the opposite leg

One of Kit’s favorite holiday recipes is the Apple Cranberry Slab Pie from the New York Times. She likes to cut the sugar in half, making it a slightly healthier option, without changing the taste.

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Image credit: Andrew Scrivani for the New York Times

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