How to Eat Yourself Thin, Burn Fat and Banish Cellulite for Good

How to go from flab to fit in just 30 minutes a day: Simple diet and exercise ideas for feeling better in your body, fast!

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  • How to feel more energetic, productive, flexible, and youthful, simply by changing the food you're putting into your body. It's that simple!
  • How re-teach your subconscious to help you power through your workout and give you the strength to avoid bad food choices
  • 7 foods you can start eating today that will make you look better and feel more confident
  • It's not all about food: Your mindset plays a huge role in building a healthy lifestyle. Here's how to give your thoughts a workout too!
  • How "cleaning up" your eating doesn't need to be a big lifestyle change when you start with these "baby steps"


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