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The secrets to success with low-carb dieting: How to flatten your stomach and take back control of your body!

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  • The benefits of low-carb eating, and how to adapt to a long-term low-carb lifestyle. No fad diets or crash dieting here!

  • How your body processes carbs, and why this means that even seemingly healthy foods can be no better than eating junk food.

  • The common hormone in your body that can sabotage your weight-loss efforts, and how eating lots of carbs can make this even WORSE.

  • The drawbacks of some low-carb diets: How they can do more damage than good, and how to choose a low-carb diet that is healthy and sustainable.

  • What your "ketosis state" is, how it can be used to turbo-charge your weight loss, but why you need to manage it correctly... or else.

  • A full 10-day low-carb eating plan with tasty, nutritious recipes to try -- all balanced to maintain a healthy ketosis state.

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